About me

Rodrigo Tufiño Systems Engineering

Rodrigo Tufiño
Systems Engineering

I joined to the Systems Engineering Career at Salesian Polytechnic University in the spring of 2007. I started teaching subjects related to machine learning, robotics and programming. Over time I specialized in operating systems, GNU/Linux, free software and programming. I work in the research group IDEIAGEOCA since 2010.

I am interested in Programming, GNU/Linux, IoT and Cloud Computing. Currently, I am teaching GNU/Linux Administration, theory of Operating Systems and Programming.


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – Madrid, Spain.
Master of Computer Science: 2015 – 2018
– Advisor: Arévalo, Sergio; Muñoz, Ma. Isabel
– Thesis: Per-Key Causal. A new model and algorithm for scalable systems of distributed shared memory [link]

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya – Barcelona, Spain.
Master of Software Libre: 2010 – 2014
– Advisor: Robles Martínez, Gregorio
– Final Work: Sistema de administración y reportes para calificadores electrónicos de atención al cliente [link]

Universidad Politécnica Salesiana – Quito, Ecuador.
Systems Engineering: 2000 – 2007
– Advisor: Campuzano Nieto, Bayardo
– Final Work: Diseño y construcción de un robot cartesiano para la manipulación e identificación de figuras geométricas a través de medios ópticos utilizando redes neuronales [link]


  • I Campeonato Ecuatoriano de Robótica CER 2005 – First place in free category. 19 – 21 August 2005. Guayaquil – Ecuador [link]